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Post-Show Ahhhh's

It was so great to meet so many people and introduce them to my line of premium skincare products this last weekend at Summery Market! After talking about bath and beauty products for two days, an at-home spa day starts to sound realllly good. So what better way to detox and unwind after a show than to practice what I preach? This post is all about my tried and true routine to help me bounce back after a show and prepare me for the week ahead. Try these steps at home and you'll be saying Ahhhh yourself!

As a disclaimer, I mention some products in this post that are not my own/sold on my site. I do not get paid to promote any specific products, brands, or websites. I just use several items that I love and don't make my own version.


1. Vitamin C. This is a step I take not only after an event, but before and during. I have no preference between Airborne and Emergen-C, but I take some each day of a show as well as the morning after. Does it do anything? No clue. Do I ever get sick? Nope. You be the judge.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar. Last night, I hastily swiped a makeup wipe across my face, called it good, and went to bed. This morning I knew I had to do better. Normally I wet a reusable cotton cloth from Happy Planet Goods with witch hazel for a quick tone, but today I used a 1:3 ratio of apple cider vinegar and water for a deeper clean. I was surprised by how much gunk came off. It was almost like I wore all my makeup to bed! Not good.

3. Face Mask. If you're not using a face mask, can you even call it a spa day? Today I used my own FACE PLANT mask because it's mild, and I always feel super glow-y when I'm done. This scary color can be achieved by mixing both matcha green tea and turmeric root versions (I couldn't decide and now I get the best of both worlds). Even Roberto showed some interest (don't worry, it's pet friendly). I laid it on thick, so I let it dry for 10 minutes before taking it off with a hot washcloth and natural konjac sponge.

4. Sugar Scrub. It had been a while since I last exfoliated my body, so I used GIMME SOME SUGAR sugar scrub allll over. Not sure this step needs much explanation, so moving on....

5. Foot Scrub. After standing for hours, my dogs were barking and in need of some love. AND we're finally in sandal weather, so I used a massaging HEEL YEAH foot scrub bar. This softened up my calluses and removed dead skin like *that* (snaps fingers). You know how when your heels get dry and turn kind of white-ish? Yeah, not anymore. A massage and soft feet? Okay, twist my, foot?

8. Jade Roller. I got one of these in a subscription box and was hesitant to keep it. Whether or not you believe in the healing powers of stones, let me tell you...these face rollers feel awesome! I keep mine in the fridge, and the coolness was perfect since my face was feeling a bit puffy. There's a big end for your cheeks and forehead, and there's a smaller end for nose, eyes, and small areas.


So there you have it! I feel seriously fresh after doing these things every time without fail, and it's all I need to feel like a new person, ready to take on the week ahead.

Bonus for making it this far! Here is the mask on my face! I was in a hurry mixing it, so it's a little chunky, but it made no difference to me!

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