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Looking Good & Feeling Great with Matcha Magic

I always had troubles growing up, not only with my skin, but also with fatigue. This problem continued until I was about twenty-five when I discovered Matcha. I realized that matcha didn’t just give me energy, but it also effected my physical appearance. My skin wasn’t as red, oily, or full of as many pimples. Not only that, but I had the peace of mind knowing that matcha was a superfood and not a chemical. I now have more energy, my skin glows more, and I also know that I am gaining long-lasting health on the inside as well.

It is as important to know what is going on your body as well as what is going inside it, so I accumulated some of my favorite information about the benefits of matcha for the inside and outside of the body.

Matcha Outside the Body: Scrubs, washes, masks, etc.

  • Matcha is a pulverized green tea, made from the entire leaf. It contains catechins, making it a powerful antioxidant. The catechins help trap and deactivate free radicals of the skin. In English, that means matcha slows down the signs of aging.

  • If you have oily skin like me, the tannins in matcha help shrink pores and reduce the production of oil. Not only does it remove oil from skin but it also slows down the production of it. Two birds with one stone, people!

  • All around, matcha is not only gentle for younger skin but also strong for skin that needs a boost.

For matcha outside the body, the best thing you could do is apply the matcha straight to your skin. For your face, try FACE PLANT, a matcha-based face mask powder from Handmade by Sondra.

FACE PLANT matcha face mask powder

Matcha Inside the Body: Teas, lattes, shakes, etc.

  • A healthy gut is always a good thing, right? Matcha is green, obviously because it was once a plant. We all know that plants contain chlorophyll. The only thing is, I think we forget how great it is for us! Chlorophyll helps detox the body by eliminating harmful heavy metals and chemicals. This leaves us with a healthy gut, among other things.

  • Who wants a healthy and amazing smile? The catechins that we talked about earlier also have an antibacterial effect and are little plaque scrubbers for your teeth and gums. Now go smile for the camera a bit more.

  • Whether you have blood sugar problems or not, we all should be paying more attention to our blood sugar levels. Matcha helps stabilize your blood sugar levels. The natural sugars found in matcha protect against insulin spikes.

For matcha inside the body, you can easily start by simply drinking 1 teaspoon per day of Wanna Matcha's Premium Organic Matcha.

Between the antioxidants, chlorophyll, catechins, and caffeine that burns longer and gentler than coffee, you are sure to start feeling great inside and out. Enjoy, and matcha on!

Ashley Townend is the owner and founder of Wanna Matcha in Boise, Idaho.

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