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The Double Cleanse: What It Is and How to Do It

South Korean beauty is coming to the United States. Have you noticed? It seems to be everywhere I look these days, from online retailers to brick and mortars, from big box beauty stores to local shops and spas. I made a trip to a trendy clothing store the other day and they had an entire display dedicated to South Korean beauty and body products. I even tried a beauty product subscription box with a whole line of similar products, all from South Korea.

My point is, South Korean beauty is a HUGE industry, and it's growing at a rapid rate here in the United States, and with good reason.

Fun fact: Did you know South Korean ladies have a 10-step routine for skincare? TEN STEPS! I personally can't find the time to do that daily, but I'll admit I love a good pampering on weekends every now and then, and if I can, I'll dedicate a whole day loving on my skin.

You're curious about the steps now. They will vary, depending on which source you use to read up, but here are the 10 steps that I use:

1. Eye makeup removal


3. Exfoliation

4. Toner (TIP: I mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 1 part water to tone)

5. Essence (similar to serum, but lighter weight - I like to use something I can spray on)

6. Ampuoles (more concentrated essences - we call them serums or boosters)

7. Sheet mask

8. Eye cream

9. Moisturizer

10. Night cream (at night) or SPF (during the day)

Even though I don't have time to do the full routine daily, I do take the time to do my favorite step: the double cleanse. I personally like double cleanse on days that I shower (honestly, it's more like every other day).

So, what is the double cleanse??

PART 1: The Oil Cleanser

Think back to your third grade science class when your teacher gave you a bottle to fill with half water and half oil. They didn't mix, right? I'll say it again. Oil and water don't mix, so why would you use just a water-based cleanser to clean your skin (which has both oil- and water-based impurities)? Since oil dissolves oil, you need to have an oil-based cleanser to remove your oil-based impurities such as creams and makeup. By using an oil cleanser, you remove the gross stuff, but you don't overdry your skin (i.e. you keep the oils that GOOD for your skin). I get funny looks when I tell people that oil is good for skin (even acne-prone skin), but know that there are good, natural oils and bad, pore-clogging oils, and the good oils help keep your skin in balance.

How I like to use an oil cleanser: I put the cleanser on my face while my face is dry. Since it's oil, a little bit goes a long way. I rub it in for a good minute, making sure to get the crevices on each side of my nose and any other spot that needs a little extra love. I then run a washcloth under hot water and put it over my face to open my pores and let the cleanser do its work (hot towel treatment anyone?). Lastly, I use the washcloth to wipe the cleanser off my face before moving on to the foam cleanse.

PART 2: The Foam Cleanser

As I mentioned before your face has both oil- and water-based impurities, so it's important to keep that in mind when you wash your face. The foam cleanser is water-based, so it works to purge your skin of any dirt or pollutants that you collect on your skin throughout the day. The foam makes the cleanser suuuper gentle, so you still get to keep the good oils on your skin from the oil cleanser, though the soap aspect of the foam cleanser will help to remove any excess oil from the oil cleanser. It's extra important in this step that you use a natural product for foam cleansing since harsh chemicals will strip your skin of ALL oils in your skin, good and bad (but you only have the good stuff left at this point if you oil cleansed).

How I like to use a foam cleanser: After using the oil cleanser, I start my shower. In the shower, I use a couple pumps of the foam cleanser. As with the oil, I rub it in for about a minute, being careful not to get any in my eyes. I rinse, and I'm done!

I know I'm wordy, but this process is super quick and super easy to do. Not only that, but my face feels absolutely dreamy after I'm done. It feels soft and balanced, and it's a huge boost to my ego since my complexion has a tendency to be a bit less than impressive...

As I mentioned before, it's important to find a double cleanse that is natural and has no harsh chemicals that will strip your face and overdry it, exacerbating whatever problems your skin is having. Natural face products can be hard to find, so if you're reading this, I'm going to make it extremely easy for you. Hop on over to my Handmade by Sondra shop, where you will find the HAPPY FACE double cleanse set with FIVE different variations for FIVE different skin types. Not sure which skin type you are? I also have a sixth type for all skin tones. Lucky you!

ACNE-PRONE skin can benefit from tea tree oil, which has antibacterial and astringent properties.

AGING skin can benefit from Bulgarian rose oil, which is known to protect against wrinkles and fine lines.

DRY skin can benefit from clary sage oil, which helps to regulate the production of natural oils in the skin.

DULL skin can benefit from lemon oil, which is known to brighten and even skin tone.

OILY skin can benefit from bergamot oil, which is not only my favorite scent, but it has properties that help unclog pores.

ALL skin types can benefit from lavender oil (or as I call it, a miracle oil), which is known for its relaxing scent, but it also has properties that can help alleviate the five skin ailments listed above and is great for combination skin.

All Handmade by Sondra HAPPY FACE double cleanse sets are made with 100% natural ingredients, including 100% pure essential oils. Turn your frown upside-down and take a cue from the South Korean beauty industry by trying the cleansing routine and products that your skin will LOVE.

HAPPY FACE double cleanse system

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