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About the Shop


Growing up, my mom found a talent in DIY projects, and my dad owned his own business for over 20 years. In creating Handmade by Sondra, I combined the best of both worlds to offer my own line of simple, gentle products made with natural ingredients. I started small, offering just lip balm and sugar scrub, the two items I had already made for myself and used religiously. I am continuously perfecting my formulas and have expanded my shop to include bath bombs, hand and body cream, and so much more - all the necessities for the perfect at-home spa day while caring for your body's largest organ.


I am an advocate for animal rights, and as such, Handmade by Sondra products are 100% cruelty free, vegetarian-friendly, and are not tested on animals. They are made with natural products, and I make every effort to keep them as simple and gentle as possible; less is more!

About the Maker

I am Sondra Chadd, a home-grown Idaho potato whose two true loves are animals and food (but no animals in my food, please). When I'm not working my day job or hard at work making (and using) premium bath and beauty products, I can be found playing volleyball or binging TV shows with my husband and our cat Roberto. I have degrees in Business and Entrepreneurship, as well as a minor in Marketing, but *yawn* am I right? ;)

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