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"What are you putting on your lips?" "It's Nunya Beeswax!"

Once you try NUNYA BEESWAX, you will never want to use another lip balm. It goes on super smoothly, and you will feel the benefits of übersoft lips all day. No need to constantly reapply (but try resisting - it's THAT good). Handmade with multiple flavor options and natural ingredients like coconut oil, NUNYA BEESWAX is perfect as a gift or to keep. Goes on clear.

Giving NUNYA BEESWAX as a gift? Check out GIMME SOME SUGAR sugar scrub and LA BOMBA bath bombs to find complimentary items! Mix and match flavors and scents to create your ideal gift set.

Ingredients: beeswax, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, essential and/or flavor oil, love ♥


Price is for one tube of lip balm.

Medical disclaimer: Handmade by Sondra does not make any medical claims or warranties regarding the use of the products listed on this site. The information presented is general in nature and these remedies may not be for everyone. If you have questions about your use of a cosmetic product, please review the ingredients and/or consult a physician.

NUNYA BEESWAX smooth-glide lip balm

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